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Agile Development

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Agile Development

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Flutter by Google is a powerful SDK to launch cross-platform mobile applications with a single code base. Using the innovative 'Everything is a widget' framework offered by Flutter, we speed up the app development process without limiting the features and capabilities of the mobile app. Being engaged in Flutter development since the launch of the Flutter platform, we are a dominating authority in the Flutter app landscape.

As one of the leading Flutter app development company in India, we have a dedicated team of Flutter app developers that are committed to enhancing the flexibility, scalability, and robustness of mobile apps. As the top flutter app development company we have served client in major countries like USA, UAE (Dubai), UK, Canada, Australia and other countries across the globe.

Agile Development

Why Should You Choose
Flutter App Development

Enhanced Security

High Performance

Apps made using Flutter are known to perform better and work smooth and fast. The SDK’s inherent capabilities eliminate the chances of hanging while scrolling ensuring desired performance on mobile apps.

Flutter promises a constant response time which ensures the app does not stutters or hands while using. This is because Flutter promises 60fps display which is suitable for modern mobile screens to display a glitch-free interface.

Engaging UI

Fast Development

Flutter offers Hot Reload option to the developer that allows them to make changes to the app code in real time. This means they can add features, fix bugs and experiment swiftly to speed up the development process.

As code reusability is one of the most important features of Flutter, developers can build apps for multiple platforms without having to write code from scratch. This promises faster development and reduces TTM.

Effective Testing

Rich User Interface

Flutter can be used to create apps with a dynamic user interface that works well even on older versions of Android & iOS. This means consistent user experience without a glitch or any reason for users to get disappointed about.

Flutter has a lot of in-built design-centric features and widgets that can be used by app developers to create intuitive user interfaces, without much effort. What’s more, UIs on Flutter are dynamic owing to reactive programming and getupdated with the change in variables.

Increased Market Reach

Ready-made Custom Widgets

Flutter offers a host of design-centric widgets, development tools and APIs to facilitate the development of next-gen app with stunning UI and powerful capabilities, without investing a lot of time and effort.

As Flutter is a complete SDK, it has its own library and custom widgets that can be used as per the app’s requirement. Developers need not code from beginning and can make use of the ready-made widgets that offers modern capabilities to an app.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Perfect for MVP

A minimum viable product (MVP) is needed by startup to quickly roll out a functioning version of their app to showcase to investors or for real-life testing. As Flutter supports swift development and makes it easier to make changes to the app in real time, it is suitable for MVP development.

As Flutter promises faster development and deployment, it becomes more suitable for startups looking for MVP development owing to low costs and reduced time-to-market.

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Provide Native look and feel

Using Flutter, developers can easily access native features even on low-level machines. As Flutter is cross-platform SDK, code reusability ensures a streamlined native experience across platforms.

Flutter’s inherent capabilities to access OEM features and widgets without a Java bridge ensures that the native experience is much better than apps developed via other frameworks.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Cost Effective

As Flutter supports code-reusability, it becomes cheaper for companies to roll out cross-platform mobile apps. With the same budget, startups and businesses can reach out to customers across multiple platforms.

As Flutter promises faster development and cross-platform interoperability using the same set of code, developing apps via Flutter is more cost-efficient when compared to other frameworks. Also, as it is a progressive technology, more and more developers are trying their hands on it, increasing the resource pool.

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Migration Possible

As Flutter is a complete SDK, it can be installed and run on any device and be used for migrating apps from other frameworks for further iteration and development.

Apps developed via other frameworks can be easily migrated to Flutter owing to its compatibility and interoperability features. Moreover, it facilitates seamless migration as it is a complete SDK with inbuilt tools and libraries.

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Quick & Easy to Set Up

Flutter has an ever-growing global developer community owing to its promise of offering entire SDK in a single package. This means a developer can start from scratch and quickly setup the development engine to kickstart the development process.

As Flutter is an all-inclusive package, it becomes easy for developers to configure their development engines. They are not required to depend on third-party libraries and installations which speeds up the setup process for app development.

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Easy Error Handling

Debugging Flutter code is extremely easy owing to Dart Analyzer and Observatory tools that helpin finding errors quickly using specific command syntaxes. Also, automated testing tools simplify the process of error discovery and rectification.

Its inherent automated testing tools makethe quality assurance process more refined which results in better-performing apps with minimum glitches or bugs after deployment.

Features of
Android Apps

Highly Intuitive

Full Native Functionality

Flutter doesn’t require a JavaScript bridge to access OEM widgets, promising better native functionality than apps developed via other frameworks.

Seamless Navigation

Intuitive UI

Flutter makes use of reactive programming architecture. This means that the developers are not required to update the user interface manually. One just needs to update the variables and changes will be incorporated into the UI, automatically. This ensures seamless user experience on app updates.

Fast Loading

Dart-based Development

Flutter makes use of DART i.e. a programming language developed by Google that works on Object Oriented Programming principles. Focused on client-side development, DART promises intuitive apps for the web as well as mobiles with cleaner UI and faster performance.

Improved Nativity

Faster Apps

Flutter is a complete SDK with its own libraries and tools. Flutter apps are not required to be dependent on third-party libraries for functionality, which enhances their performance. developed using Flutter


Cross Platform Compatibility

With Flutter code migration and reusability is possible. This means that apps can be launched for iOS & Android, simultaneously.

Flutter Development Services Offered by Iconflux

Flutter makes it easier for mobile apps to adopt visually-appealing material design and complete feature customization. Our Flutter developers know how to balance various capabilities of Flutter SDK with your personalized requirements. Based on your unique requirements, we provide the following Flutter app development services:

Flutter Development

Flutter App Development Consultancy

Flutter Cross-Platform App Development

Hire Dedicated Flutter App Developer


Why Hire
Flutter Developers from IConflux?

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Expert Flutter Development Team

Having deep insights into working of the Flutter platform, our developers create powerful, robust and dynamic mobile apps that work flawlessly across multiple platforms.

Agile Development Methodologies

Blended Development Methodology

We align the material design aesthetics with the platform’s functionalities to develop a solution that is not only aesthetically-appealing but functionally-strong.

Complete IOS App Deployment Support

Complete Platform Utilization

We do not just focus on a single thing while developing an app using Flutter. Using the platform’s customization abilities with UI refining, we promise exciting experiences that users love.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Exclusive Support

Instead of leaving a business all by itself after development, we provide complete handholding to ensure that the goals from app development process are efficiently fulfilled.

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