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With our flutter mobile app development service in India, you can build high-quality, natively compiled apps for iOS and Android without writing the codes separately. Flutter app development is a cross-platform UI toolkit used for mobile, web and desktop applications with a single codebase. Flutter speeds up the app development process without limiting the features.

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Agile Development

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Agile Development

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Build your Mobile Apps with Our Flutter App Development Services

Flutter app development is a cross-platform UI toolkit used for mobile, web and desktop applications with a single codebase. It helps businesses create applications on a budget and launch them on both operating systems simultaneously. Flutter speeds up the app development process without limiting the features.

As one of the leading Flutter app development company in India, we have a dedicated team of Flutter app developers that are committed to enhancing the flexibility, scalability, and robustness of mobile apps.

With Iconflux flutter app development services, you can build high-quality natively compiled apps for both iOS and Android without having to write the codes separately. Our services cater to India & USA.

Agile Development

Why Should You Choose
Flutter App Development ?

Enhanced Security

Cross-platform Compatible

Flutter gives you access to simple cross-platform Flutter mobile app development to save time and reduce the headaches associated with developing two apps simultaneously. With Flutter, you can develop the apps with one codebase for both platforms. This means you can create an application for Android and launch it on iOS and vice versa.

Engaging UI


When it comes to mobile app development, speed plays a major role. Here’s where Flutter comes into action. Any changes in the code are directly visible in the app. Flutter calls this a hot reload. Its hot reload feature helps you easily and quickly experiment, build UIs, fix bugs, and even add new features.

Hot reload is injected into the updated source code files into the running Visual Machine (VM). After the VM updates with the new version of the fields and framework, the Flutter framework automatically rebuilds the widget tree, letting you see the changes immediately. This feature benefits developers a lot. For instance, the Flutter engineer has to make changes like moving 10 pixels to the right. From there the update is visible instantly, allowing the designer to instantly determine if it looks good or requires any changes.

Effective Testing

Supports Older Device

The major concern for developers is that the updated operating systems have been pushed out to users. With Flutter, the app remains the same even if it is run on older Android or iOS versions. Also, there are no extra costs included for supporting older devices.

Increased Market Reach

Top-notch User Experience

Flutter app development is about using ready-made widgets to create applications. Compared to other approaches like layouts, views, or controllers, Flutter's widget technique offers a consistent object model and an easy developing process. Flutter app developers gain access to a wide selection of widgets that can be reused and even customized to create user interfaces.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Cost Efficiency

Building one codebase is easier than two. Money will be saved due to shortened development cycles, fewer developers, and even reduced complexity. With Flutter, you can release two apps for both Android and iOS faster, and on a smaller budget.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Easy Setup

Flutter has a developer community to fulfill the promise of offering the entire SDK in a single package. It means that the developer can begin from nothing and quickly set up the complete SDK with the help of inbuilt tools and libraries.

Applications that are made using Flutter are known for better performance and they work smoothly. The SDK can eliminate the chances of hanging when scrolling to ensure the desired performance on mobile applications. Flutter gives a constant response to ensure that the app does not hang while you use it.

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Great MVP builder

MVPs have become a must-have for all the new upcoming businesses as they help you validate your idea and get the initial funding for your project. MVPs are small, basic versions with all the essential features that are easy to build and launch. They exist to test the concept, gather suggestions, and make the app better. Without the MVP the organization can have a tough time finding investors and would have to do the development blindly. Flutter app development is a great alternative for MVP, as the SDK is extensive and easy to comprehend and learn; it even delivers excellent applications.

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Fast Development

Flutter offers a Hot Reload option to the developer that enables them to edit the code in real-time. This means that the developers can add features, fix the bugs, and see the changes instantly. This speeds up the whole development process. Since flutter has an option of code reusability, the developers can reuse the codes for different platforms than starting from scratch.

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Ready-made Widgets

Flutter offers a variety of design-centric widgets, development tools, and APIs for the development of the application with the best user interface and powerful capabilities without spending a lot of time and effort. Since Flutter is a complete SDK, it has its own library and widgets catering to the applications’ requirements

Features of
Flutter Apps

Highly Intuitive

Full Native Functionality

Flutter doesn’t require a JavaScript bridge to access OEM widgets, promising better native functionality than apps developed via other frameworks.

Seamless Navigation

Intuitive UI

Flutter makes use of reactive programming architecture. This means that the developers are not required to update the user interface manually. One just needs to update the variables and changes will be incorporated into the UI, automatically. This ensures seamless user experience on app updates.

Fast Loading

Dart-based Development

Flutter makes use of DART i.e. a programming language developed by Google that works on Object Oriented Programming principles. Focused on client-side development, DART promises intuitive apps for the web as well as mobiles with cleaner UI and faster performance.

Improved Nativity

Faster Apps

Flutter is a complete SDK with its own libraries and tools. Flutter apps are not required to be dependent on third-party libraries for functionality, which enhances their performance. developed using Flutter


Cross Platform Compatibility

With Flutter code migration and reusability is possible. This means that apps can be launched for iOS & Android, simultaneously.

Flutter Development Services Offered by Iconflux

Being a flutter app development company in India and other countries, we are available to help you achieve your goals and create the best application for your services. We have experienced Flutter developers on hand to balance various capabilities of the Flutter SDK with tailored requirements. Based on your requirements, you can select from the flutter app development services we provide:

Flutter development

Flutter App Development Consultancy

Flutter Cross-Platform App Development

Hire a Dedicated Flutter App Developer

Web development

Mobile development

Full-stack development


When to Use

Highly Intuitive

Gaming Applications

As we know, Flutter performs faster than most frameworks. Especially in the gaming sector, high performance is a necessity for successful applications. Games need to run smoothly and quickly or else the user will get frustrated and never use your application again. Flutter app development is a great option to build high-performance gaming applications. You can also apply the innovative AR features.

Seamless Navigation

On-demand Applications

On-demand applications are trending in-app creations. Especially during the pandemic, people were restricted from going out and buying food, medicine, or even clothes. On-demand applications let the user order any kind of service and deliver it within a certain amount of time. Flutter mobile app development provides native-like performance, extraordinary design, and a great user interface.

Fast Loading

eCommerce applications

There are a lot of eCommerce applications with various downloads occurring daily. Flutter’s framework supports huge measured eCommerce transactions, which saves money on schedule and endeavors by keeping it simple yet functional.

Improved Nativity

Photo Editing Applications

Flutter app development lets you create applications for editing pictures with highly intuitive interfaces and provides suggestions. With an increasing number of people having Instagram accounts and other social media handles, getting a simple app to polish your pictures is a must-have. With Flutter, you build an easy-to-use application with advanced features.


Machine Learning

Machine learning enables personalization and accurate sales forecasts. Flutter for mobile app development allows integrating machine learning into the application. It has been gaining a lot of traction in the last decade. Furthermore, Flutter developers can add machine learning to their applications like speech recognition.

Why Hire
Flutter Developers from IConflux?

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Expert Flutter Development Team

Developers need to have a deep understanding and knowledge of Flutter to create a robust mobile application or a web application that works on multiple platforms. At Iconflux, you can expect such highly professional developers.

Agile Development Methodologies

Blended Development

Our Flutter developers align the material design aesthetics that are compatible with the platform’s functionalities and create a solution that is not just pleasing to the eye, but also strongly functional.

Complete IOS App Deployment Support

Platform Utilization

We at Iconflux not only focus on Flutter development but use the platform's customization abilities to give the best possible outcome that users love.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Exclusive Support

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the number of services that are offered, it's about how we fulfill our customers’ dreams. We, at Iconflux, make sure that the app development goals of our customers are fulfilled at any cost.

IConflux is the best flutter app development company in India having a pool of developers who are highly skilled in flutter mobile app development. We have 70+ dedicated flutter developers to provide robust cross-platform flutter app development services. Hire a flutter developer on an hourly basis today. As of now there is nothing like flutter UI builder. However, We at IConflux, encapsulates concept of flutter builder which will be ready to use theme which will help you to kick-start your mobile application development. Visit our multipurpose theme located on play store and download for your next project. We also provide complete support for our flutter builders. So why wait? Hire Flutter developers from Iconflux, and accomplish your goals!

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